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Inspect Before You Buy - The Power of Knowledge!

How To Select a Home Inspector

When looking for a home inspector keep the following in mind:

  1. Do not let a glossy / fancy flyer or marketing piece be your only guide for choosing a home inspector.
  2. Make sure you make the phone call to the home inspector, and talk to the actual inspector that is going to come out and inspect your house.
  3. Ask the inspector how long he / she has been doing inspections.
  4. Ask / check and obtain their contractors board (CCB) and Oregon Certified Home Inspector (OCHI) license numbers. The higher the CCB and OCHI numbers the less time they have been in business (very important)
  5. Ask your inspector how many inspections they have done, keep in mind an average inspector can only perform 300-400 inspections, so check the years and do the math to make sure they are not puffing up their numbers.
  6. Ask for references, people they have worked for, you can call them and see what they say.
  7. Ask if you can be present for the inspection, we advise you be present for the entire inspection. If you get any hesitation here, then you do not want this inspector. You should be present for your home inspection, this way you will learn lots more about your house, as the inspector can point out items that need attention or repair.
  8. Ask what kind of a report  I will receive, (we do computerized reports with digital photos), you should expect the same.
  9. Check out their license numbers with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board Web site for complaints and how long they have been in business.
  10. Ask how long the inspection will take, anything less than 2-3 hours, you should get a different inspector.
  11. Ask if they can do any repair work of items that need repair. If you get a YES answer, you do not want this inspector as it is illegal and unethical.
  12. Do not let price alone be your only deciding factor, as the lowest price most often will get you an inspector that has little experience and shorter times in the business

When searching for a home inspector use this as your interview questions and your guide as this will help you weed out a bad inspector doing an inspection on your house. Remember you are about to make one of the largest purchase decisions of your life, thus it is VERY important to have a  quality and through inspection by a experienced inspector.

We operate with the mindset of adding value to each and every customer thus helping you get a better return on your inspection dollars, give us a call and we will tell you how this works, we have the experience and knowledge to guide you.

—–Give us a call for comparison and an interview, we will be happy to further educate you on what to look for in an inspection service, you will be glad you did!—-