Certified Home Inspections

Most important purchase of your life, and most of your most valuable assets while you own (inspect before you buy and while you own).

Same Day Reports

Because time is of the essence when conducting a real estate transaction, we guarantee same day reports for our home inspections.

Portland Oregon Home Inspections

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Each home presents its own unique challenges, but we believe in giving you transparent and detailed insights right from the start. Armed with our user-friendly yet comprehensive inspection report, you gain the advantage of entering any real estate transaction with full confidence. Knowledge is indeed power, and being well-informed about your potential new home allows you to negotiate better on both price and additional terms. Our singular goal is to assist you in making housing choices that are safe, financially sound, and environmentally conscious. Count on us for expert guidance and peace of mind.


Fast Home Inspections

Our team of highly-trained, certified home inspectors is wholly committed to prioritizing your best interests. We dedicate our resources to equip you with the essential information required for making housing choices that are not only safe but also financially sensible and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, when you opt for our home inspection services, you're also supporting first-time home buyers across Oregon in fulfilling their homeownership dreams. Thank you for your trust!


Your Trusted Home Inspection Experts in Portland

Who We Are

As one of Portland's longest-standing home inspection companies, we specialize in giving you a comprehensive understanding of your home's condition. With over 10,000 successful inspections under our belt, we set the standard in quality and experience.


Why Choose Us?

  • Local Expertise, Not a Franchise

    We're proud to be a locally-owned business, not a franchise. This allows us to provide a personalized service you won't find anywhere else.

  • Industry-Leading Experience

    When it comes to experience, we stand unmatched. We've witnessed the rise and fall of numerous home inspection companies over the years, and our longevity speaks for our credibility and expertise.

  • Continuing Education

    Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our ongoing educational endeavors. We participate in live home inspector continuing education classes every three months to stay updated with industry best practices.

  • Beware of Inexperienced Inspectors

    It's crucial to steer clear of inspectors who have recently completed only an online course, or who were working in unrelated fields until recently. Experience and background are essential factors to consider for a reliable home inspection.

Our Reports

Comprehensive and Clear Insights

We offer detailed, computer-generated reports complemented with digital photos. Designed for clarity, our reports are written in an easy-to-understand narrative style, complete with a summary of key findings.


Inspect Before You Buy!

Choose us for a home inspection that leaves no stone unturned.  Trust us to provide the insights you need to make an informed decision about your home.

Inspect While You Own!

Not sure what home improvements to make?  We can provide a detailed inspection and suggested priority list for home improvements and repairs.